PDF Blaster Comparison - Lite vs Full Version

Feature Description Lite Full
Send Internet Faxes Send faxes at $.10/minute anywhere in US/Canada/UK No Yes
Advanced Global Send Rules Various combinations of Email, Fax and/or Print based on recipient data No Yes
Send Fax/Email Broadcasts Send faxes or emails with PDF attachments to customers/vendors and/or custom address books through the custom query No Yes
Customer Specific Send Rule Settings Choose a field in XXXARMSD to use as the fax/email/print preference field.  Use F to always fax, E to always Email or P to always print No Yes
Pre-fill of Company name, Contact name, fax number PDFBlaster will retrieve the company name, contact name and fax number from the accounting database No Yes
Restrict Printing/Sending of Certain Documents Set up document printing options on a workstation by workstation basis.  For example, in the Purchasing department you can configure PDFBlaster to ONLY send purchase orders. No Yes
Combine send jobs to a single recipient to 1 PDF Multiple documents going to a single recipient will be combined into one multi-page PDF attachment;  cuts down on the number of ACTIONdocs emails. No Yes
Preview PDF's Right-click on print job to Preview it Acrobat Reader No Yes
Enable PDFBlaster Word-Merge Toolbar for MS Word Send high-volume mail merges from MS Word using the installed PDFBlaster Toolbar add-in.  Much easier than the Word mail merge wizard, and much faster No Yes
Allow Alternate Recipients for Accounting Jobs For accounting documents, normally the invoice belongs to a single company in the database.  This option allows you to override this default selection and select an alternate recipient from outlook, or a manual recipient. No Yes
Print to Hard Copy Printer Hard copy printing is enabled No Yes
Automatic local PDF Archiving Create a local file store of all PDF's generated by PDFBlaster.  Store documents by document type, customer/vendor key etc. in the filename. No Yes
Add attachments to individual send jobs Add additional attachments on a individual basis when sending a print job No Yes
Add Global Attachments to all send jobs Add additional attachments such as a price list spreadsheet or a word doc disclaimer to all send jobs. No Yes
Link to MS Outlook Contacts List Link to your Outlook contacts and use it as an address book in PDFBlaster No Yes
Create Additional Address Books from other data sources Create address books through ODBC, SQL and then mapping the fields to PDFBlaster equivalents through Custom Query No Yes
Link to Customer and Vendor Files as address books Use Customer File and Vendor file as address books for fax blasts or email blasts No Yes
Send jobs automatically in background Configure PDFBlaster to run in the system tray and process/send jobs automatically in the background as they are received No Yes
Send jobs at a specific time each day Configure PDFBlaster to send all documents queued up in the outbox at a specific time each day, i.e. 6:00:00 PM No Yes
Accept PayPal Payments for ActionDocs Invoices/Statements Allow recipients to make payments on their received ACTIONdocs invoices and statements right from the ACTIONdocs viewer page (requires PayPal account) No Yes


Fax from accounting accounting emailbatchaccounting faxaccountingfax
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PDFBlaster Pricing Estimator
Pricing for 4 users/50 emails & 50 faxes
Your Quotation
PDFBlaster with ACTIONdocs Quotation
For: GP Schaefer
Generated: 6/24/2008 10:22:02 AM
Single-user licenses: 0
Five-user license packs: 1
License sub-total: $349.00
Support fee: $69.80
Grand Total: $418.80
We recommend that you purchase a month's worth of fax and ACTIONdocs email credits to start with. The totals will be:

50 faxed pages: $5.00
50 ACTIONdocs documents: $2.50

PDFBlaster for Emailing to the MAX CMS retails at:
$99.00 per single-user license
$349.00 per five-user pack
$0.10 per successfully faxed page
$5.00 for 100 successfully received ACTIONdocs document



Your Quotation
Pricing for 1 users/25 emails & 25 faxes


PDFBlaster with ACTIONdocs Quotation
For: GP Schaefer
Generated: 6/24/2008 10:50:17 AM
Single-user licenses: 1
Five-user license packs: 0
License sub-total: $99.00
Support fee: $19.80
Grand Total: $118.80
We recommend that you purchase a month's worth of fax and ACTIONdocs email credits to start with. The totals will be:

25 faxed pages: $2.50
25 ACTIONdocs documents: $1.25

PDFBlaster for Cougar Mountain CMS retails at:
$99.00 per single-user license
$349.00 per five-user pack
$0.10 per successfully faxed page
$5.00 for 100 successfully received ACTIONdocs document







PDF Blaster is a ground-breaking intelligent printer driver that stream-lines PDF creation, fax and email routing and document archiving of your  accounting forms. PDF Blaster installs easily on any Internet enabled PC and requires no additional hardware or software. Use PDF Blaster and send your company to new pinnacles of supply chain responsiveness, cost savings and worker productivity!

PDF Blaster quickly integrates with nearly every accounting system on the market today with only a few mouse clicks, and pre-addresses each accounting document automatically- so you can start faxing and emailing digitally in minutes, not months!

Responsive. PDF Blaster links to an international telecommunications network that is outfitted with thousands of available send lines at your disposal. Thus, processing hundreds of outbound faxes with PDF Blaster takes minutes -- not hours -with each of your customers and suppliers receiving their faxes almost immediately, regardless of where their fax job is in the batch queue. And, better yet, you're free to get back to more important things - like growing your business.

Convenient. Digital delivery of your mission critical accounting documents is as easy as printing to the PDF Blaster printer. PDF Blaster supports individual, auto and batch mode printing of AR invoices, AR credit memos, AR customer statements, OE orders, OE Acknowledgements, OE bids and quotes, OE pick tickets, PO purchase orders and more. If your users know how to print these documents to a regular hard copy printer, then they already know how to use PDF Blaster.

 Download e-brochure to how PDF Blaster works

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